Water Heater Repair

water heater repair Your water heater is an essential part of your daily activities. From being able to take a hot shower, to properly washing dishes, to doing your laundry—you depend on it to work correctly. There is never a “good” time for your water heater to break down, and it often happens at the worst possible time. Our licensed and insured service technicians have experience with electric and gas water heaters of all types and sizes.

We can correctly identify the problem and fix it promptly or assist you with water heater replacement as needed. Over time, the minerals in your water can collect within the water tank, creating a buildup of sediment. This excess sediment can cause the water to heat up slower, requiring more energy to keep the water warm.

How to Know if Your Water Heater Needs Repair

One of the most obvious signs of a broken or malfunctioning water heater is the absence of hot water in your home. Any of the following warning signs may indicate that a water heater repair may be necessary:

  • No hot water/water isn’t getting as hot as normal
  • Rusty water coming out of the faucet
  • Hot water has a metallic taste or smell to it
  • There is an increased amount of sediment within the tank (“muddy water”)
  • Your water heater is making loud popping and cracking sounds
  • Water is leaking around the water heater

As soon as you notice any of the above signs, contact Pete Fer & Son. We’ll send one of our experienced service technicians to your home to identify and fix the problem as quickly as possible. Give us a call or use the form below to contact us to schedule an appointment. For plumbing emergencies, contact us through our 24-hour emergency line at 310-831-0737.