Washer Hook Up

front load washer Before you purchase a washing machine and wonder how you’re going to install it correctly, contact Pete Fer & Son. With over 50 years of plumbing experience, we can perform your washer hook up quickly and efficiently. Our service technicians are properly insured, certified, and qualified to handle any type of washing machine project.

How the Washer Hook Up Process Works

For a typical washer installation, the hook up process will go as follows:

  • Verify your existing water and electrical connections
  • Move the washer into its correct position
  • Attach the water hoses into place, ensuring that there are no kinks or interruptions in the flow
  • Attach the drainage hose to a laundry drain, floor drain, or a laundry room sink
  • Plug in the washer and ensure that it is level and in the correct place
  • Run a full cycle on the washer to be sure it is filling, running, and draining properly

Note: If the washer is being placed in an area not previously used for laundry, the hook up process will require more steps. These may include running and hooking up new electrical and plumbing lines. We will go over the entire process with you before we begin so you are clear about what is required.

When you are preparing to purchase a new washer for your home, contact Pete Fer & Son. We’ll go over what needs to be done to correctly hook up and install your new appliance. Give us a call or contact us through our online form for an estimate or to schedule a service appointment.