Dryer Hook Up

An Interior Laundry Room in a Home Dryer-related accidents are among the most common causes of household fires. In order to reduce the risk of fire hazards within your home, it is important to make sure your dryer is installed correctly. We have over 50 years of experience with various plumbing and electrical services and can handle your dryer hook up with ease.

How the Dryer Hook Up Process Works

For a typical electric or gas dryer installation, one of our service technicians will follow the process below:

  • Verify that your electric/gas connections match the approved types for the new dryer
  • Turn off the power and gas to the installation area
  • Connect the gas line and test the connection (only if it is a gas dryer)
  • Install the dryer exhaust tube, connecting it to the exhaust tube vent
  • Plug in the dryer, ensuring it is level and fits in the final position properly
  • Run a cycle on the dryer to ensure that it produces heat and works as it should

Note: This is the typical process for an installation in an existing laundry area. The process will be more extensive if installing in a new laundry area. We’ll go over all of the necessary steps with you, including plumbing and electrical services, before beginning any project.

Before you purchase a new dryer, contact Pete Fer & Son to make sure it will be installed safely and properly. One of our certified and insured technicians will arrive at your earliest convenience to perform the job. Give us a call or reach out to us through our online form to schedule your dryer hook up service appointment.