Washer & Dryer Services

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Washer Hook Up

Whether you are replacing your existing washer or installing one in a new location, we will ensure it is hooked up correctly. We’ll perform any necessary plumbing or electrical work as well.


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Dryer Hook Up

If your dryer is not hooked up properly, it can be a major fire hazard. Our experts will make sure everything is up to code and safely installed. We always guarantee high quality service, call for more details.


Whether you are remodeling your home, adding on a laundry room, or upgrading your appliances, we can assist you with our washer and dryer services. All of our service technicians are properly licensed and insured to handle even the most complicated washer and dryer installations. We have experience with all types of hook ups as well as makes/models of washers and dryers.

You Can Count on Pete Fer & Son

We have the knowledge and experience to help you avoid any future damage from water or fire, due to improper installation. By trusting the experts at Pete Fer & Son, you can avoid injuries during the installation/hook up and any future problems.

If you want to install a washer/dryer in a place that wasn’t previously used as a laundry area, we will make sure that the entire job is done correctly. Doing so will require hot and cold plumbing lines, a drain line, a vent, electricity, and a gas line if the dryer is a gas dryer. We’ll ensure that any electrical or plumbing work meets the local building codes before beginning the job.