Garbage Disposal Repair

Detail of the plumbing system under a modern kitchen sink, with a plumbers tool tray and equipment. Horizontal format. Is your garbage disposal making a strange noise or not grinding properly? Or maybe it’s overwhelmed and your sink is clogged? Give us a call when any problems arise with your garbage disposal. Our service technicians can repair or replace your broken or clogged garbage disposals. We have experience with most brands and models and all types of garbage disposal problems.

Garbage disposals are one of the most common kitchen appliances, and yet they are one of the most misused appliances. While garbage disposals are great when they work properly, breakdowns are very common due to a misunderstanding of their function.

Contrary to popular belief, garbage disposals are only meant to handle light food residue, from rinsing plates or utensils. Any large quantities of food or other substances can break or hinder the blades or clog your kitchen sink.

Most Common Garbage Disposal Problems

There are four common types of garbage disposal issues. They are as follows:

  • Not turning on—If your garbage disposal doesn’t turn on or make a sound when you flip the switch, it is most likely an electrical issue. Contact an electrician to have the problem fixed.
  • Humming noise, but the blades are not moving—This means that something is restricting the blades from moving freely. Even if you can see the object, do not try to retrieve it yourself. You can still cut yourself while the disposal is turned off.
  • Spinning, but not grinding—This usually means that the blades are broken. We can safely and easily replace the blades for you.
  • Standing water—This indicates that there is a clog within the drain. Your service professional will have to get into the drain pipes in order to solve the issue.

How to Prevent Future Garbage Disposal Issues

Many of these common problems can be prevented if the garbage disposal is used for its proper function. To avoid clogs and restrictions, never put the following substances down your drain:

  • Grease
  • Starchy or stringy foods (such as celery or potatoes)
  • Pasta or rice
  • Eggshells

If your garbage disposal is jammed or not working properly, don’t risk cutting yourself or worsening the issue. Contact Pete Fer & Son, and we will send a certified service professional to get your sink up and running again in no time.