Electronic Pipe Locating

replacing of rusted plumbing trap from sink in bathroom Are you experiencing plumbing issues, such as slow drainage or frequent clogs? Don’t ignore the issue, as it will likely only get worse and lead to more damage. The solution may either be to replace the pipe or to thoroughly clean it. In order to determine the correct plan of attack, we will have to find out where the problematic pipe is located.

What is Electronic Pipe Locating?

Electronic pipe locating is the method used to precisely locate any buried or hidden pipes underneath your home or property. We use specialized technology to measure the location, depth, and direction of the pipe that needs attention without having to break ground or damage any part of your property.

Why Would Electronic Pipe Locating be Necessary?

If you don’t have the blueprints of your home or are unsure about the location of your pipes, electronic pipe locating may be very useful. We would utilize this service to trace the direction of a pipe, to precisely locate any broken/damaged areas, or to decide whether drain cleaning or pipe replacement is appropriate.

If you are experiencing problematic issues with your plumbing system but are unsure of where your pipes are located, do not hesitate to contact Pete Fer & Son. One of our plumbing technicians will perform an electronic pipe locating service to locate your pipes and determine the root of the issue without having to break any ground. Give us a call or contact us through our website to schedule an appointment.