Snake Drain Cleaning

Stainless steel sink plug hole close up with water Why Snake Drain Cleaning?

Over time, your sewer pipes may become clogged from inside or outside sources. Inside sources may include a buildup of household debris like food grease, toilet paper, and hair. Outside sources are most commonly from tree roots making their way into your drain pipes. Snake drain cleaning involves specialized tools to displace or remove the buildup in order to restore the normal flow of your pipes.

How Does Snake Drain Cleaning Work?

A certified plumbing technician will use a specialized tool to displace or remove the blockage within your pipes. We’ll first perform a video inspection to determine the location and cause of the blockage, which will let us know which type of tool to use. For example, a clog caused by a root intrusion will require a blade attachment to “chew” away at the clog. A clog caused by something like thick toilet paper will require an auger attachment in order to retrieve it. We may use a variation of the following tools to clear your drains:

  • Closet Auger Cleaning—A closet auger is a special tool, composed of a crank handle and a flexible hose with an auger piece at the end. This is useful for retrieving an object within your drain.
  • Electric Sewer Cable Cleaning—An electric sewer cable extends down into the drain to break apart clogs using a specialized attachment.

If you notice any signs of a clog within your pipes—such as a slow-draining sink or shower—contact Pete Fer & Son right away. One of our service technicians will evaluate the issue to determine the cause and recommend the best method for cleaning. Give us a call or contact us through our website to schedule a snake drain cleaning service with us.