AC Condenser Repair

ac outside As experts in AC repairs, we are very familiar with all of the unique components that make up an air conditioning unit. If your AC unit is not working properly, one of our licensed and insured HVAC technicians can perform an inspection to identify any problems with a specific component. One of the AC parts that may need attention is the AC condenser.

What is an AC Condenser?

The AC condenser is one of the major components of an air conditioning unit. After the AC compressor transforms the refrigerant into a hot, pressurized liquid, the condenser takes over. The condenser contains coils, which transport the refrigerant; and fins, which allow the heat to escape. By the end of the its journey, the refrigerant leaves the condenser as a mist before heading to the evaporator for the next step.

Common AC Condenser Problems

The AC condenser is made up of coils and fins, and problems can occur in either or both of these parts. If dirt or dust collects on the coils, the AC unit may overheat and stop working. If the fins get bent or damaged, they can either release too much heat or not enough, which can affect the efficiency of the whole unit.

AC Condenser Repair

Our HVAC technicians will inspect the entirety of your AC system to correctly diagnose the issue. We are licensed and certified to handle any repairs, maintenance, or replacements or AC condensers. As always, we promise high quality services at a great value.

If your AC unit is starting to malfunction or is not working at all, contact us to schedule a repair. We’ll have the unit working as good as new in no time.