Snake Drain Cleaning

Stainless steel sink plug hole close up with water What is Snake Drain Cleaning Used for?

Snake drain cleaning is an effective method for clearing clogs and blockage within pipes. Buildup of debris within your pipes may cause clogs over time. Likewise, outside sources (such as tree roots) can find their way into your drain pipes and prevent the normal function of the system. Snake drain cleaning removes or displaces the buildup, restoring the flow of your pipes back to normal.

The Snake Drain Cleaning Process

Before beginning the cleaning process, we may perform a video inspection of the pipes in order to identify the exact cause and location of the problem. This will help us decide which tool or attachment will be the right choice for the specific blockage. One of our certified plumbers will then use a specialized tool to remove or displace the obstruction within the pipes. Depending on the exact cause, we may use one of the following tools for cleaning:

  • Electric Sewer Cable— This tool breaks apart clogs when extended down into the drain, by using a specialized cutting attachment.
  • Closet Auger—A closet auger is made up of a flexible hose and a crank handle. The auger piece at the end of the hose is used for retrieving any larger or denser objects within the drain.

If your drains are emptying slower than usual or are clogging, contact us at Pete Fer & Son. We will send a qualified service technician to evaluate the condition of your pipes and drains to identify the exact cause of the issue. If the issue does turn out to be a clogged pipe, we may recommend the snake drain cleaning procedure to correct the problem. Call us or reach out to us below to schedule a service appointment with us.