Pipe Cleaning

pipe cleaning In our 50+ years of business, we have tested and tried many different methods of pipe cleaning. Through trial-and-error and utilizing the latest technology, we have come to rely on a few effective methods of pipe cleaning. If your pipes are clogged or your sinks are draining slowly, contact Pete Fer & Son for assistance.

Methods of Pipe Cleaning

We use non-destructive methods of pipe cleaning, to preserve your building and property. Depending on the location and severity of the buildup or clogs within your pipes, we may use one of the following pipe cleaning methods:

  • Power Rodding—Power rodding involves using a flexible metal cable that can maneuver around the various bends and turns within the pipes. Attached to the rod is a cleaning head, sized to match the diameter of the pipe. This cleaning head contains sharp teeth, which turn at a high speed when the electric motor is turned on. Power rodding cuts away at blockage, turning it into small pieces which can be flushed away with water.
  • Hydro Jetting—Hydro Jetting uses water under extreme pressure to blast away any blockage within the pipes. The result is a cleaner pipe that is less-likely to become clogged again.

Would you like to restore the flow back to your pipes? Our pipe cleaning services will not only leave your pipes in like-new condition, but may even help prevent future instances of clogs and blockage. With over 50 years of pipe cleaning experience, the plumbing experts at Pete Fer & Son are well-prepared to handle any project. Call us or contact us online to schedule a pipe cleaning appointment with us.