Gas Piping

Gas power station. New pipes covered with insulation. Natural gas is a great form of energy, commonly used for its affordability and reliability in homes and commercial buildings. While extremely useful, gas piping comes with a unique set of risks as opposed to electricity, including a much higher risk of catching on fire. For this reason, gas piping must be handled by those who are knowledgeable and cautious when performing any services. At Pete Fer & Son, we have the expertise to handle any installation or repairs of gas piping.

Gas Piping Services

Our service technicians are qualified to handle any gas piping services. These may include:

  • Gas pipe installation—Should you need to supply natural gas to any new appliances, we can install new gas pipes within your building.
  • Gas leak testing—We will inspect your entire gas system, including the interior and exterior of the property, for any signs of a gas leak.
  • Gas pipe repair—We are well-qualified to safely and efficiently repair your gas pipes, should a leak occur. We’ll take care of obtaining a permit to perform any repairs for you.

Important to Note:

Natural gas has a very distinct smell, often compared to rotten eggs or sulfur. If you smell natural gas within your building, evacuate immediately. Once you are safely outside, call 911. Avoid using any electronics, including turning any on or off, until you are outside of the building. When natural gas is present in a confined space, something as simple as a cell phone signal can cause it to ignite. Contact your natural gas service provider to turn off the gas and then call our emergency line at 310-831-0737 if after normal business hours. We will get the problem fixed quickly so you don’t have to go without energy for long.

With any natural gas job, your safety can truly depend on the quality of work performed. Don’t hire just anyone for your gas piping needs. Trust the experts at Pete Fer & Son. With over 50 years of experience, we can safely and dependably perform any job at hand. Call us or contact us below to schedule an appointment.