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What Creates Clogs in My Pipes?

You’re washing the dishes after a long day. Everything seems to be going fine until you notice that the water isn’t going down. Ok, time to crank on that garbage disposal. Hmm… really didn’t help. The water doesn’t seem to want to go down. Now, you...

Help! My AC is Blowing Hot Air!

Oof! Summer heat can become a bit overwhelming! You are sitting there in your living room with beads of sweat rolling down your face trying to use a newspaper to fan yourself. The air conditioning should be working… Something’s definitely wrong. You walk over to your thermostat....

How to Fix a Running Toilet

Is your toilet running? Better go catch it! All jokes aside, a running toilet can mean big problems for you and your home. Besides being annoying to listen to all the time, a running toilet can lead to a drastic increase in your water bills. Even though you’re not consciously...

How to Detect a Water Leak in Your Home

a macro shot of a water meter
Have your water bills been going up, even though you haven’t been using any more water than usual? Have you been hearing dripping sounds or running water, even when nothing is turned on? Are there any wet or discolored areas on your walls or floors? How about a foul smell coming...

DIY Air Conditioning Maintenance

Adult male shining a flashlight into an air duct return vent to check for any need of cleaning dust or any other maintenance.
Save Time & Money Do you rely on an air conditioning unit to keep your home cool and comfortable? Without regular maintenance and care, your air conditioner won’t be as reliable as you’d like it to be. Fortunately, there are a some valuable air conditioning services you can...

Everything You Need to Know about Repiping

What is Repiping? Repiping is another word for replacing the pipes in a home or other building. It’s not a temporary fix, as the entire piping system is replaced with a brand new one. There are a few different methods for repiping, all of which should only be done by a licensed,...

How to Prevent Clogged Drains

vinegar and lemon
One of the most common and most frustrating plumbing issues is the dreaded clogged drain. Over time, soap scum, hair, cooking grease, and other substances will build up inside your drains and lead to clogs or backup. Not only will a clog render a sink temporarily unusable, but it...